Messy church

Messy Church® is FREE and on the 1st Saturday of Every Month from 10am to 12 please come and join us...

  • Messy Church® is a way of being church for families involving lots of great fun and activities
  • Messy Church® is found across the world
  • Messy Church® values are about being Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration

®  Please note that The Messy Church® name and logo are registered trade marks of The Bible Reading Fellowship.

St James church is rooted in the love of God and dedicated to transformation through the works of the Holy Spirit.St James church,  300 Thornton Road,  Thornton Bradford,  West YorkshireEngland.  BD13 3AB  
Church  office  open  9:15 - 12:15  Mon to Fri  [exc. Wed]
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