2017 Talks.

23rd April - Mavis Rouse - Jusus Appears to His disciples

16th April - Harry Gwinnett - No Recording

9th April - Gloria Hardisty - Palm Sunday

2nd April - Harry Gwinnett - Life through the Spirit

26th March - John Coles (NewWine) - Mothers Day

19th March- Gloria Hardisty - Exposing the Heart

12th March - Harry Gwinnett - New Life

5th March - Harry Gwinnett - Temptation

26th Feb - Mavis Rouse -Pt4 of Realising your Potential

19th Feb - Gloria Hardisty - Pt3 - Unrealised Potential

12th Feb - Harry Gwinnett - Pt2 - A Parable of Potential 

  5th Feb - Project Winter Coat - Pt1 - No recording

29th Jan - Mavis Rouse - The Place of Blessing

22nd Jan - Harry Gwinnett - The Provision of Blessing

15th Jan - Harry Gwinnett (stepping in for Gloria)  - The Promise of Blessing

8th Jan - Mavis Rouse - Prepare For Blessing   [with Micheal & Lesley Pemberton]

1st Jan - Harry Gwinnett - A Fresh Start with God’s Blessing

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